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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm thinking of going to another fleet, guys. (Chorus: ''Basest treachery!''). Monsieur Timelord seems to be the only other fleetmate ever playing, and fairly infrequently at that.

Can ye recommend another fleet for a lonely soul lost in space? Almost level 20 now.
I've been in a few fleets, including ones that have hundreds of players and have completely upgraded all fleet assets. Pretty much all of them are deathly quiet and it is caused by how Cryptic has chosen to design the game.

MMOs like EverQuest and World of Warcraft have multiple daily events that heavily encourages 20-60 guild members to participate in them. These events make members mingle and interact both game-wise and socially. That in turn encourages lively and friendly guilds.

Events like those don't really exist in Star Trek Online. Most of the game revolves around 5-player events played with strangers. Sure, there are a few 20-player fleet actions but again you can play those with complete strangers. As a result, fleet members don't have a reason to interact and socially friendly fleets are a very rare thing in STO. Fleet assets and projects don't really improve the socialization either, its mostly the fleet leaders trying their darnest to get members to contribute more stuff.

If you're looking for social interaction, try the DoffJobs channel. There's always a bunch of friendly and helpful players in there.
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