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Re: How did the children eat?

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What I never understood is how remaining a child physically for years and years means you remain a child mentally. Doesn't years of experience add up over time? Wouldn't you grow in understanding and capability just from practice at taking care of your food needs? Just because you are a child doesn't mean you can't learn how to plant and fish, given time.
The brain is part of the body. If the children's physical development was arrested, their brain development would have been arrested also. Would you have been capable of learning how to scrounge and forage for food, let alone know how to plant crops, when you were 8, 9 or 10 years old? Maybe if you were born and raised on a farm, but the Onlies all seemed to be city kids.
But are those changes due to physiological changes in the brain or psychological ones? Or both? A physiological halt caused by the virus would retard the kids development, but if such changes are just psychological teacakes point is worthwhile, why don't they grow different from one another if not what we call adult?
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