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USS Destiny: Looking for Chief Security!

USS Destiny... Out on the farthest reaches of the Federation, the USS Destiny continues her mission of exploration. Discover strange new worlds and uphold the finest traditions of Starfleet - against all odds.

If you like your Trek simming to be exciting, traditional and intriguing, then step aboard the USS Destiny! Set some thirty years after the Nemesis era; the boundaries of the chartered universe are being pushed further back, and the Destiny is right at the cutting edge of the action.

No uber technology, no hybrid Star Wars characters popping out of the woodwork, no secret shadowy covert groups. This is PBeM Trek in the truest and most enjoyable traditional style - with plenty of original missions in a
fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our plots are open for the crew's ingenuity and creativity and all departments are encouraged to add to it.

If great character development and the chance to be part of a really talented group of writers is what you're after, then check us out and sign up today! No prior experience is needed, just a wish to live the world of Star Trek. You're assured of a really warm welcome.

Urgently Needed: Chief Security Officer
Can you pack a phaser with the best of 'em and be ready to face whatever unknown dangers come your way, to protect your ship and crew?

Also needed:

Science Officer - When you're on the frontier, the unknown is just the beginning.

Medical officer - Being on the frontier you will be practicing outback medicine, with little more then your medical database and mainly your own skill to depend on!
Is it a new strain of bacteria that can be treated with anti-biotics? Is it a mutating virus? The safety of the crew rests on you!

Feel free to mail with any questions about the positions open, or any other position that you might be interested in

Check out our website:

Or dive right to the Join Page:

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USS Destiny - a PBEM Star Trek Role Playing Game
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