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Alice Cooper to play Green Goblin...

…in “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?”
  • Alice Cooper is in negotiations to play the Green Goblin.
    I kid you not.
    The $85 million musical, which hasn’t returned one penny to its investors — including The Edge, an idiot for putting his own money in the show — is trying to hang on by casting a washed-up rock star to keep itself going through the dead months of January and February.
    It won’t work — but what a great idea!
    Alice Cooper. The Godfather of Shock Rock. A singer who used to have people’s heads chopped off in his act is going to join a show in which a chorus kid had his foot chopped off.

The critic who wrote this is obviously not a fan. That being said, while I don't really have any interest in seeing this regardless of who plays Green Goblin, I think casting Cooper would be kind of neat.
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