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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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The "currents in time" thing has existed in Trek lore, at least since The City on the Edge of Forever.
That's often repeated and just as often misunderstood. It doesn't refer to there being a fate. It would be kind of hard to when the Enterprise and the Federation disappeared. It refers to time travel and where you end up.

Also, if you think about it, you'll see that the Mirror Universe couldn't produce the counterparts of people in the Prime Universe that we've seen, amidst its alternate sequence of events, and in similar positions no less, without a similar force in operation.
In a sense that's probably true. If you allow for infinite possible universes, there is a likelihood of there being at least one universe where the crew all magically got together at once in the way they did. But as a causal result of the destruction of the Kelvin? I'm not really seeing it. It seemed like there were hands of fate pushing people in certain directions, and those hands really just seemed to be the writers' hands. Everything seemed too coincidental and too grandiose. It was really at odds with how things were consistently painted in the past.

If we were asked to believe that there could be infinite universes, similar to what is seen in "Parallels," and they actually traveled to one that was already different, then that's one thing. But Nero changed the universe from one that was presumably the same as his, and before we would see things unfold in a deterministic fashion, not in a fateful manner. That's at least how the regular universe usually worked.

I get what you're saying though because DS9 took the MU concept and added that fate concept (and a lot of other odd things). There's no way to overlook the fact that someone like Mirror Ezri appears around the same time that regular Ezri does. I think that's one reason why I hate all of the later MU episodes. They were such a contrast from the rest of the show in that they were pure fantasy and they were just really very dumb.

Anyways, a bad precedent for visiting a tired trope isn't really an excuse for a shift in the nature of the characters.
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