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Re: Could I become a Niner? hmmm....

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As for Kira as a character, sure I understand what you guys are saying, and I completely agree. The problem it seems to me, is that Nana Visitor did not understand how to give that character some nuance.

If you ever see people who have PTSD, they tend to have short bursts of anger, but mixed in with other things, like paranoia and fear, etc etc.

So far, it seems that Nana was being told that "This character has suffered a great deal! amp up that anger to 11!!" and the way she does it is so forced.
The DS9 bible, quote at Memory Alpha:
Major Kira, a former major in the Bajoran underground. Kira is now an outspoken critic of the provisional government. Having fought for freedom all her life, it has angered her to see the older leaders throw it all away through their petty dissensions. She has been trying without success to reach the Kai herself to air her grievances. It is very possible she was sent by the government to be the Bajoran administrator at the space station simply to get her outspoken voice out of ear shot. Kira loathes the Cardassians. She committed atrocities against them in the name of freedom, some of which bother her. But others in the Bajoran underground begin a new wave of terrorism and she is forced into a moral quandary about tracking them down and bringing them to justice. Former terrorists consider her a turncoat.
I don't see anything that would suggest she should, let alone does, have PTSD.
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