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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Ok, I found some decent drawings to compare to the above scaling. Here's the full image, and detailed studies are afterward.

First up, the TOS Enterprise, using Sinclair's drawings of the eleven-footer.

Pretty good for the most part, IMO. The saucer and secondary hull are both pretty much perfect, with the odd misplaced window here and there.

Next up, the refit Enteprise:
Pretty good, but not quite as good as the TOS ship. The docking ring looks a little big, and the botanical garden window seems a little too big. Still, not bad. And again the saucer is pretty much perfect. The landing deck not aligning with the hangar bay door lower area bothers me a bit.

Next, the Miranda:

It's a little hard to see my green lines, and the drawing I found to use doesn't quite match up with the outline, but accounting for that I think it's about as good a match as the refit. Plus, the windows in the aft area align really well.

Finally, the Oberth:
Again, the drawing isn't perfect, but the saucer windows align fairly well... even if the dome windows don't really align with anything.

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