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Re: Getting Back Into Doctor Who

Yeah, most of the stories are fairly self-contained. Back in the 1960s, there would occasionally be a little bit of overlap with the end of one story slightly bleeding into the beginning of the next. But that would be more like a teaser than anything else. You didn't really need to see the preceeding story or the following story to understand what happened in this story.

There's a bit of an exception to that in Tom Baker's 1st season. Between "The Ark in Space" & "Revenge of the Cybermen," the Doctor, Sarah Jane, & Harry briefly get separated from the TARDIS. So if you're not familiar with that story arc, you might wonder what the deal is with the trans-mat & the time ring and how the Doctor & co. are getting from place to place without the TARDIS.

There's also a little bit of a tie-in between "Frontier in Space" & "Planet of the Daleks." (Which is why the DVDs are packaged together in a Dalek War box set.)
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