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Re: The scary/creepy moments of TNG

Beta-Z wrote: View Post
If that thing wouldn't have killed Tasha, i'd feel similar about that.
But like this ... nah, don't care! Rot in hell, Armus!!!
I didn't miss Tasha. Her character made only two quality contributions to the whole series: the recorded farewell and Yesterday's Enterprise, neither of which would have happened without her death. To the extent that she mattered at all, we have Armus to thank for it.

Her death also cleared the way for Worf's bigger role, another thing for which we can thank Armus.

Dixie Flatline wrote: View Post
The episode of Enterprise when the crew are put in stasis, and Dr Phlox has to look after them as he seems to be one of the only crew members immune to some sort of space madness, was good 'n' creepy.
If we're talking ENT, the zombie Vulcans were pretty creepy.
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