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Re: Who would have thought....

efforts to protect the Eye are complicated by Lee's simmering affair with Kara (Katee Sackhoff), especially since Lee (Jamie Bamber) is counting on Anders (Michael Trucco), Kara's husband, to rally the civilians to the cause.
Can we PLEASE just have either Starbuck or Apollo killed outright once and for all, to put their (yet again) 'simmering relationship' out of it's misery? Nice to know the third in command (and former egasus commander) will risk the survival of the human race to 'win' a mental case slut who will sleep with anyone if her hormones are raging - so far it's been Baltar, Anders (who she basically blows off rigt after); Lee (who she blew off; but who is just a utter idiot when it comes to all this anayway), etc. Plus, right now, I could care less about EITHER character because they are both too stupid and emotinally screwed up to even be entertaining. If this is what RDM calls 'good character development' and 'good drama'; no wonder the ratings have been plummetting of late.

And if RDM's doing this much soap opera type drame for Battlestar Galactica and (from all reports) wants to make Caprica EVEN MORE soap-operaish; I hope Bonnie Hammer has enough sense to can Caprica while it's in pre-production (or just take the pilot script, turn it into one of their schlok Saturday afternoon movies and be done with it).
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