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Re: Getting Back Into Doctor Who

You can get a flavour of what certainly 3 (maybe 4) out of the first 5 Docotrs wer elike by wathcing the 20th Anniversary speical "The Five Doctors". The Fourth Docotr Tom Baker decided against appearing it (he had left the show around a year or so earlier) He did appear breifly using footgae from the episode that was never completed due to industrial action "Shada". And the First Docotr was potrayed by a different actor due the orignal actor having passed away.

If I made any errors I'm sure those who knowledge of Dr. Who is greater than mine will correct me.

But I know t was some years agoi and it was during Tennant's run as the Tenth Doctor the Doctor Who Mag ran a poll of top episode and the top episode was "The Caves of Androzani" Starrting Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, with Tom Baker's "Genesis of the Daleks" coming in second. I think the top ranked episode from the current era was "Blink"
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