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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

Maybe we'll believe you finally if you write all in caps?

Being loud is obviously how you change peoples minds.

Joe Carey the most prolific recurring character who proved that Voyager cared about a running story line for all it's lower decks... 7 episodes (But Caretaker counts as two episodes! ...No one cares.).

Two of which were time travel episodes made near the end because they needed to benchmark that the story is set in season one, and then one final episode to kill him because he symbolized the rich tradition of Janeway caring about all the little people that keep her ship running.

Sam Wildman? 8 episodes. And again one of those episodes was Fury set during season one, and they couldn't possibly have her raising her daughter who was in every other episode making Wesley look like Charles Bronson.

In season three when Berman got rid of Seska and Cullah, they got rid of their total budget for recurring third tier characters, and dumped the money into the special effects budget because Voyagers producers decided that it's audience wants more explosions in space, than silly tedious character development for recurring villains and shipmates.

Any growth that happened in/to these characters and the over all plot was purely accidental, or needed to explain a new expensive set like the Delta Flier or Astrometrics.
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