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Re: Better ideas for Generations

I always think that there is the nugget of a good film in there, but it’s still got a load of crap stuck onto it. It really feels about 2 drafts from finished to me. So, I’d maybe change the following things:

· Loose the comedy and the emotion chip plot line. Loose it. It’s there to contrast with Picards grief and it’s unnecessary. The gags are forced and feel out of place, and Brent Spiner is not, despite what he believes, the world’s greatest actor. Data is best (and often funniest) when he is being normal TNG Data.

Keep Picards grief though, he needs it, and it’s one of the good ideas in the movie, if a little contrived. Also make him pick up the kerlenesksa at the end, him dropping it always pisses me off

· I’d also have ditched the Worf promotion scene. Again, I don’t care, it adds nothing to the plot and it obviously cost a shed load of cash that could have been spent on other things. Like making a good movie perhaps. Why did they set up Worf at the beginning then just have him looking dumb or holding a torch in the rest of the film. Stupid, lazy writing.

· Actually kill Kirk on the Enterprise B. Make him a ghost or something in the Nexus, and loose Echo-Guinan. Why not have Picard really broken by Soren, maybe even tortured. Then he goes to the Nexus, realises it’s all fake without insulting the audience, and wanders off, finding Kirk. Kirk persuades him to fight the good fight and then Picard, reenergised goes and defeats Soren. So Kirk dies a meaningful death on the E-B, he gets closure (some sort of heavenly existence for eternity) and Picard (i.e. TNG) saves the day.

You can keep the launch bit, but make it slightly less clichéd (e.g. no “only ship in the sector/quadrant/whatever” etc.)

· Picard should defeat Soren in a less dumb way than a punch up (or not, that bit is optional).

· Tighten up the scientific knowledge in the film – Star Trek fans are known for being both intelligent and anal. This film looks like it’s written for stupid kids sometimes

· Tidy up Soren. Make him a better bad guy. Make me care about him killing 3 million people who we have never heard of and don’t ever see. He was just a weak character and a waste of a good actor. I agree that the Romulans would have made more sense and probably a better movie. And why did he kidnap Geordie? Sure, it makes sense after the event, but was the VISOR thing his plan? He obviously didn’t need to know about trilithium as he’d just used it on Amagosa. The character and his actions make no sense.

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