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No it's not. Benjamin Maxwell called O'brien his best tactical officer he ever had in the Wounded. In Rules of Engagement Worf described him as an outstanding officer. I guess since he's technically an NCO that could fly, being the last O does mean officer, but it gets even more strange when he routinely has officers(ensigns and lieutenants) working for him on DS9.
"Tactical officer" is a position rather than a rank, which in that case was held by a petty officer. O'Brien's rank was so mis-handled over the years its hard to know what to make of it. But if they are all officers, what to make of Picard's line in "The Drumhead"?

O'brien does go out of his way several times to describe himself as an enlisted man, but calling him a Starfleet officer seems to be a catch all for everyone in Starfleet regardless if they hold officer rank or enlisted.
The fact that there is an officer/enlisted division shows that it's not parallel to a police agency, as I was saying.
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