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Re: STID Federation Seal Question...

I will gladly accept the joke, since I can't really argue against it.

But to be serious for just a moment, the interesting thing is that, over the period from 1948 to 1992, the Italian government was actually pretty solid and saw an incredible expansion of wealth and prosperity (the so-called "economic miracle"). Sure, the cabinets came and went pretty fast due to political maneuvering inside the majority parties, but the actual policies were very well defined and firmly held in place even by wildly different hands. An experiment of unstable equilibrium, if you wish, but a successful one nonetheless.

(Of course, this a wide oversimplification, and in the end the system kinda collapsed upon itself due to corruption, cronyism, and scandals. But the economic growth was real, and the vast improvements in living conditions touched all levels of Italian society.)

And to go back on topic (kinda), and because I think it's pretty awesome, I will mention that the five-pointed star in the Italian emblem is supposed to represent the planet Venus, and it goes back to the 3,000 years old legend of Aeneas's flight after the destruction of Troy to the Land of Sunset, guided by the star of his divine mother, the goddess Venus, and establish Italy as the land of beauty, love, and passion.
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