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Re: My name is.....SORAN!


1. So - now the Khan from 'the wrath of Khan' was a different one from 'space seed' (as opposed to your previous post). Of course.
2. As per 'Enterprise: borderland', the Eugenic wars costed 30 million victims (at least - perhaps 35, 37 million) and nearly plunged Earth into a new Dark Age. I guess the Khan from Enterprise was different from the one in 'space seed', as well, yes?
3. If you want to be euphemistic, you may call Khan's 'little freedom' slaves 'subjects'.

The scene from 'Space seed' with the characters salivating after Khan - because that's what you do when discussing a tyrant, apparently - is more than a little disturbing. Who knew Kirk, Scotty and McCoy belong to a far-right party*?
BTW, the part about 'No wars until he was attacked' is McCoy letting his fascist convictions blind him. As per Enterprise: "some claim that humanity rose up against Khan and his fellow "supermen," while others believe the Augments began to fight among themselves". Nobody knows exactly how the wars got started.
Also, Khan was condemned to die for war crimes he committed, etc**.

*Khan was substantially responsible for the death of 30 million people. Not far from Hitler with his 55 million deaths.
The part about Kirk, Scotty and McCoy belonging to a far-right party is not a hyperbola, but fully proven.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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