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Re: Which alien race did DS9 do the best episodes with?

Re: Which alien race did DS9 do the best episodes with?
TheSubCommander wrote:
Also agree, they sort of dropped the ball on Bajorans as a whole. While I get that they were a mash up allegory to the French Resistance of WW2, the Jews post WW2 and the foundation of Israel, and even the IRA...

I always thought the Bajorans were an allegory of the Palestinians, occupied by a foreign power with an ancient claim.
So were the Irish. But allegory to Palestinians works, too, I suppose. The thing with the Palestinians is that both Israelis and Palestinians can equally say they have an ancient claim, and it was the UN that created Israel. In fact, you go back far enough, virtually everyone was taken over by another group at some point. SO saying any one group is an allegory should be stated in loose terms.

grendelsbayne wrote:
The Romulans were one of my favorites on DS9, allowing themselves to trust the Federation a little more through the alliance, and I loved seeing the Romulans and the Klingons trying to get along with each other. Unfortunately, their screen time was still relatively limited.

I'm glad someone else liked the Romulan portrayal in DS9.
Add me to the list. The Romulans were almost uneasy allies with the Federation. Had DS9 aired even longer, or a show that followed the events of DS9 happened, instead of Enterprise, we might have seen the beginnings of a Federation\Klingon\romulan alliance. That would have been interesting.

Too bad it won't happen.
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