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Re: First Contact vs. Into Darkness

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No contest. First Contact.

When it comes to a story about our main character seeking revenge against the bad guy, Picard's is the way better story. We see a Captain who once gloated, bragged and preached about how awesome and godlike humanity has become over the years be reduced to an irresponsible leader in a crises with the whole galaxy at stake. He uses his rank and authority to force his crew into a suicidal struggle against an enemy that steals your very soul. And the one person who talks him out of it? A woman from the 21st century who lives in a rusted, torn up Montana town. You remember how the crew used to say about humanity from the 21st century? Like how there was little to nothing that redeems them and that it was a wonder how humanity survived at all? Yep. One just helped save the day.

What do we get with Kirk? Revenge is bad, but trying to beat the living snot out of a person who had already surrendered out of revenge is good!

At least First Contact didn't have magic blood.
So what you actually have said is you prefer the underlying concept and thesis of STFC over STID.

I thought we are comparing movies and their execution, however you try to dumb down the themes of STID, the movie is presented in a far superior way, far more polished and the standard of acting and scripting is very well aligned with its peers on the silver screen.

The problem with FC is they carried over the same type of actors, executed the same dialog patterns, and the same technobabble driven scripting which was barely excusable in 90's Television and totally crushed by anything else in Hollywood cinema at that time.

You seem to have put a spin on the themes on STID, welll I could say the cast were so fundamentally bland that the writing put Patrick Stewart / Picard into a desparate situation of going out of character with irrational outbursts of rage against the machines to keep within the 'action and drama' that FC promised, you see the spin goes both ways?

You, aswell as jarod and shazam spend an awful amount of time looking for reasons to dislike STID, when it would be easier to just get over the film and enjoy the back catalog.
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