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NuSpock: Which as I understand it involves the mass genocide of any being you find to be less than superior.
I'll admit I had a problem with this line by Spock. It is a very inaccurate statement of the background and motives of the character. According to what's said in "Space Seed", there were no massacres or wars under his tyranny. Of course, he was still a ruthless tyrant, imposing only the type of order he saw fit.

Khan and his people were also not fleeing a death sentence (so far as we know from "Space Seed"), but I'll chalk that up to Marcus saying whatever he thought he needed to say to try to persuade Kirk to turn Khan over to him. As I remember it, they escaped (exiled themselves, basically) before being brought to any justice. Then again, maybe they were sentenced to death in absentia.

The other interesting thing I noticed from re-reading the script of "Space Seed" is that there were originally been 85 cryo-tubes. Scotty told Kirk twelve units malfunctioned, leaving 72 others still alive. He said that after Khan had been revived, so the 72 left probably didn't count the thawed Khan, only the remaining operating tubes. Interesting how the universes operate. Those twelve poor slobs didn't stand a chance in either of them.
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