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Re: "The Star Wars" Comic Official Discussion Thread

I finally got a copy of the first issue last week, my local shop had been stocked out when I tried before. I was pretty familiar with the draft it was based on, so it was interesting to see where they took it. The threads carried through to the PT were pretty apparent, I thought. I liked most of the design elements, a blend of new with some familiar touches. I thought a giant-scale 1930s-style ring microphone was an odd choice, though. Scaling the familiar star destroyer wedge down to a two-man craft worked OK, though personally I would have ditched the "tower" piece. It will be interesting to see the "rebel" starfighters, which were originally supposed to have WW2-style ball turrets.

BTW what's with the "official" in thread subjects? Is there some thread sanctioning body I don't know about?
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