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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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^ We can only hope.
Not really. I'm not getting this whole OH WATCH OUT FOR THE RAYS shit that started after they won last night. The Red Sox went 12-7 against them during the season. They can beat them. Yes Tampa Bays starters are excellent, but Boston's have been nearly as good this year, and their offenses aren't even comparable. It will be a good series, but the Rays aren't this juggernaut that cannot be stopped.

I'm sorry if I'm ranting about this, but I really, really hate that team. From the twitter stuff they started earlier this season when they had a brief half a game lead in the division, to the smugness of the whole group. This was a team that couldn't score a run to save it's life 3 weeks ago, and almost blew a 7 run lead against the Blue Jays on the last day of the year, and they act like they've won the World Series with every game, and the media buys right into it. I think that people should have fun playing the game, but they take it to a level that is nauseating. Act like you've been there before, act like a professional, and don't smack talk about a .5 game lead that you had, when you eventually lost the division but what, 9 games? They have surpassed the recent Yankee teams as the team I hate the most.

The Red Sox have been the best team in the league the whole year this year. They'll show up, and they'll be fine.
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