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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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Not at all, "In the Pale Moonlight" was an effect not a cause . The war happened(cause) which led to "In the Pale Moonlight"(effect)
Sisko spends all of "Far Beyond the Stars" blathering on about how "The Dream must never die!" and then he goes and helps destroy the dream himself. And this is never touched upon again. His character didn't change, when it should have.

Yes there was
Behr even said he wished the episode had happened after Bashir's augmentation because his arrogance really was high then. "The Quickening" did nothing for Bashir's character.

Nog had plenty of development before the war started. And VOY could have done a war arc.
Not really, the war was the main catalyst and no Voyager could not do a war arc.

VOY was a FICTIONAL TV show, it had literally everything to work with and was only limited by the writers imaginations.
No, it had the inherent limitations of the premise, a lot which held back the show. DS9 was stationary and had the universe that TOS and TNG spend their runs building up, VOY had to leave all that behind and had nothing it could work with like DS9 did, especially since it's "Always on the Move" thing meant they couldn't build up their own universe.

VOY consistently ignored it's "Always on the move" premise so that excuse doesn't hold any water.
Not really, the "always on the move" thing is what kept them from being able to build up a better setting to do stories with. And whenever they tried to flesh out their surroundings better, all they got were complaints that they shouldn't be doing that. So it's a no-win scenario.

But even if they had stuck to the "Always on the move" premise they still had 150 people on the ship so they had plenty to work with.
That's not much to work with. Internal conflicts would fade away after 1 season or so anyways, unless these were really messed up people. NuBSG got away with it because it had an entire fleet of ships to do stories with and thousands of people so visiting other ships would be like visiting other worlds. Voy was just a tiny scout ship.
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