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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

When you think of how corrupt law enforcement agencies have been known to be over the years it's not surprising to see them cross the line with bootleggers. Many can often see it as fighting fire with fire---you've got to be just as dirty as the bad guys who don't observe any rules. The cops or the Feds might not use the same tactics with generally law abiding citizens, but with mobsters it can be no holds barred.

It's funny because I've been recently rewatching the original Mission: Impossible where the IMF are essentially doing the kind of things people would frown on in later years: ignoring any and all laws and undermining other governments not favourable to U.S. interests. It's portrayed in the best possible light, but we never see any followup in the consequences of the IMF's actions. We never see the IMF actually kill anyone, but they certainly allow people to be killed as a consequence of their actions.
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