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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

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I'm glad because I'm probably going to save Wonderland to watch when other shows are on break so it'll save me having to skip past loads of spoilers
I save shows for later all the time. When the next big break happens I will start watching the last season of Fringe.
Heh, speaking of "saving shows", I didn't even know about Fringe until about S3, and kept hearing it was on the bubble for cancellation, so, I didn't bother catching up and watching it live, I figured I'd wait until it was all done (And hopefully made it to a conclusion). So, it's still a Series I need to catch some day.

I was nothing live, and only few on recordings/On Demand. Arrow, I caught the first couple episodes, and was interested, but, recorded the whole Season before watching it. I prefer to marathon things in whole seasons, unless it's one of the few shows, I just gotta watch as soon as the episodes are available (Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Once upon a Time, and Legend of Korra, I think are the only shows I follow week to week when they are on. Arrow, as much as I enjoyed S1 will probably be recorded and wait until S2 is over before I watch it)
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