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Re: JJ Abrams apologizes for lens flare

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I was going to ask if there was any lens flare in STID because I didn't notice it.
Lens flares are dialled back a bit in STID compared to XI. The scenes set on the Enterprise are still loaded with excessive lens flares, especially the bridge. But there doesn't seem to be as much everywhere else.
Something is different though. In ST'09, I was pretty well blinded on the bridge scenes (Didn't have a problem with Lens Flares anywhere else), but, I wasn't bothered by them in STiD (And I did just recently watch ST'09, so, it's not that I've gotten used to being blinded when watching the bridge scenes)
maybe you didn't see them in STiD because you were already blind after ST09?

all jokes aside, I've absolutely no problems with the flares, I think they are a great stylistic choice. In fact I'd prefer that whoever takes the directors chair next time includes at least a decent number of them
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