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Re: My name is.....SORAN!

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
People who think that hairstyle on Alice Eve is coincidence are nuts.

The Umbrella Corporation wrote: View Post
Maybe nuKhan grew to love his people or realised he was alone without them in nuTrek. Marcus had a year to play mindtricks on Khan.
nuKhan was a completely different character. Like when he talks about his "savagery". Bull. Khan considered himself a superior being, and he was a leader, a despot, and Montalban's class conveyed that on screen, especially in Space Seed. There is no savagery in that.
Montalban's Khan and his men demonstrated savagery on McGivers and Uhura 60s style.
Actually I don't think it would be acceptable for men to slap around women on screen nowadays

Cumberbatch demonstrated his savagery 21st century style by blowing up things and using guns and his fists

I do think the idea of suffocating the crew was pretty stylish of PrimeKhan. Maybe a year under the control of Section 31 has made Khan lose his class.

Yes and Alice Eves hairstyle was definitely a misdirect
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