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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Also, why is the Master in that stupid disguise? Storywise and characterwise there's no reason - it's just to give a rubber-ripping cliffhanger. Daft.
And they don't even attempt to explain it, either. Its as if the Master has become a master of disguise for, well, the hell of it.

Furthermore, its a sad excuse of a serial to follow-up directly from Earthshock. I know they didn't do emotion of proper characterization back in the 80's Who, but I would like to think that Time-Flight is not exactly the best seasons finale they could've come up with.

In fact, I don't think I like it almost at all - OK, I like all Heathrow scenes, I guess, and surely the first TARDIS scene, and Tegan's "accidental" exit, but otherwise... a rather boring, nonsensical affair.
"Spock...?" Kirk said, whispering.
"I am... most pleased to see again, Captain" Spock formally replied.
McCoy shook his head in disgust. "Oh, for crying out loud, Spock. Its been eighty years!"
"Seventy eight point four years, Doctor."

The Holy Three meet again, in The Return
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