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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x14 "A Matter of Perspective"

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On the subject of the HD transfer - were they unable to find a few seconds in this episode? The bit where Riker gets up and circles the facsimilie of himself looks suspiciously SD.
Not standard definition. It's another example of the "Pan and Scan" method where the camera was moved further back so they could capture the entire scene in one frame and pan across the video in post production. The problem with this technique is that they have to zoom into the picture, and whenever you zoom into the picture, it will look fuzzier. I bet it was easier and cheaper to do the since the camera is not moving and the effects crew wouldn't have to track the double image of Riker with real camera movement.

Here's a video example of other times this technique was used with a bit of extra tinkering to show the entire shot in widescreen!

TNG in Widescreen
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