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Re: My Idea: Starship Hippogriff

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So figure circa 2250 CE, roughly the same time period as "The Cage" when Christopher Pike is Captain of the Enterprise, James T. Kirk still attending the Academy and no one knows Romulans and Vulcans are cousins. More, instead of exploring a future society per se I'd rather return to the series' roots.
I'm completely on board with this. As perhaps you might expect.

Might want to change the name from Hippogriff, which is a wee bit Harry Potter-ish; Starfleet of this era is more or less explicitly a US Space Navy -- essential, I think, to capturing the flavor of this era -- and a name drawn from US naval history might be better suited.

So I'd want a dynamic set of characters who have inherent conflicts between them, and the stories would focus on the issues of our time--lingering racism and gender bias, the balance between liberty and security, the challenge of living amid those who sometimes violently disagree with one another, the reconciliation between scientific and religious world views, etc.
Love it, and necessary to justifying the concept IMO.

The Saladin-class starship USS Hippogriff functions more or less as a light cruiser.
The adventures of other Constitution-class ships are still under-explored, is the main reason I might want another vessel of that class. I think there are probably more than twelve of them; it seems reasonable that there should be at least seventeen, which is the basic number of Starbases prescribed by the TOS writers' guide.

(Also, minor quibble: I think Bernd at Ex Astris Scientia makes a pretty good case against any single-nacelled designs being canonical -- and for the flashes we get of them in a couple of the films being of concept-designs that were never actualized -- in particular that Roddenberry thought of the two-nacelled design as necessary, which makes a certain poetic sense as a literalizing of the matter-antimatter bidness going on. Admittedly, very iggling point.)

I'd focus the stories on the top four officers--the Captain, the Science Officer/Exec, the Chief Engineer and Chief Medical Officer.
I think the idea of basing the characters on a Paracelsian system of humours is very clever.

I also like this:

The Great Enemy Hypothesis--namely, that the various vanished stellar empires of the ancient past all came to their end via some common cause.
It's true that I like it because it happens to dovetail perfectly with some ideas of my own... but nevertheless, I like it. In particular it's potentially a great way of providing an over-arching (and circumscribing) explanation for the various God-beings Starfleet keeps running into.
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