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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

In the pale moon light was amazing.

After tyat, it did mean that there were always Romulans and Romulan warships at the station becuase of the alliance withe the star empire, which did change the fabric of a lot of later stories...

but was there a guilty/sorry Sisko in Aftermath, or Sisko again who wanted to make lightning strike twice by breaking all the rules again to help out the war effort again becuase it was so easy the first time?

Not really.

620 was an Odo Loves Kira episode.
621 was the Pagh wraiths vs Prophets story, in which Odo should have played a bigger part if he just hooked up with Kira. Sisko almost lost his son to all thos God drama.
622 jake and Nog behind enemy lines.
623 Ferengi sex change
624 obrien family drama
625 UNiform is family, an ensemble story... But Sisko is more caught up with Cassady moving in .
626 Dukat pwns the Prophets, Sisko is broken.

So his Garrak like behaviour in in the pale Moonlight had no consequences for his character for the rest of the season... but just imagine the story, if at some point that the Romulans had found out?
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