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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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Maybe the League has all of these? A race almost on the level of the Metrons, Patrons who in essence founded the League then started to withdraw from "normal" life (perhaps watching over a "cousin" species who haven't advanced as far?)--a anarchistic civilization with little resembling a government--a collective Hive without individuals at all--a race of carrion-eaters--another race who are very religious--a warrior race who make the Jem'Hadar look like girl scouts, etc. Perhaps a genuine respect for the Patrons unites them, but the Patrons themselves hardly ever interfere.
It might be interesting to do some mixing-and-matching here: perhaps it's the Patrons who are the religious ones, for example. (An idea partly indebted to Robert Sawyer.) Perhaps the impulse toward anarchism comes from that -- which is to say from a particularly non-hierarchical take on science/faith/philosophy imbibed from the Patrons -- and the Hive is conceived as being a singular "individual," and the carrion-eaters are countenanced because it's their way. And the "warrior race" is the most analogous one to modern humanity...
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