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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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What happened in "Pale Moonlight" had no impact on his character when it should've defined him for the rest of the show.
Not at all, "In the Pale Moonlight" was an effect not a cause . The war happened(cause) which led to "In the Pale Moonlight"(effect)

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No there wasn't.
Yes there was

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The war itself allowed for that kind of storytelling. Voyager couldn't do a war arc so that stuff couldn't have happened. It's part of how DS9 had a more workable premise than VOY.
Nog had plenty of development before the war started. And VOY could have done a war arc.

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VOY had nothing to work with.
VOY was a FICTIONAL TV show, it had literally everything to work with and was only limited by the writers imaginations.

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VOY's "Always on the move" premise meant very little would permanently affect the ship in the first place. They had no "Tapestry" to add to.
VOY consistently ignored it's "Always on the move" premise so that excuse doesn't hold any water. But even if they had stuck to the "Always on the move" premise they still had 150 people on the ship so they had plenty to work with.
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