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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

DS9 is my favorite of the five Star Trek series, but Voyager is a close second, and I've come to appreciate the latter for what it was as opposed to what it was supposed to have been at the time of its conception.

I also rather like that both series ended up being different from one another because it plays to the diversity of the franchise. Fans who want tight, heavily serialized storytelling can get it in the form of DS9; fans that want a more episodic experience can get it in the form of TOS and TNG; and fans that want a hybrid of episodic adventure and tight serialization can get it in the form of Voyager and Enterprise.

I've just finished the first 'half' of Voyager Season 1 as produced (Caretaker through State of Flux), and the progression and continuity in those 10 episodes is both readily apparent and very consistent, and I honestly feel that they really needed to have been aired in the same order in which they were shot in order to get the most from them.
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