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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

anh165 wrote:
I wonder where you get this information from?
No where. Its just pure speculation.

The Enterprise E shields did not seem so 'advanced' in Nemesis when a mere section of a romulan vessel's hull struck the E causing damage. It didn't seem so advanced when the Scimitar fired some of her *photon* torpedoes causing a hull breach.

If you watch the way how the Vengence damages the JJ-Enterprise, you can easily see it is far more effective than any photon torpedo.
You're comparing two battles from two different eras. Lets say there are two metal ships, A and B, and two wooden ships, C and D. If A beats B and C beats D, it doesn't mean C, the victorious wooden ship, can beat B, the losing metal ship.

Show me one example of any 23rd century ship that had significant bulk of its hull desintegrated with mere phaser shots from a 24th century vessel? The only example I can think of is the borg cube in wolf 359 and even then that was sustained fire at a relatively small Excelsior class ship which is one 1/4 the size of the JJ-prise.
Why just care about only phasers? Starships have other weapons. The Narada nearly defeated the Enterprise with one torpedo hit, while its sheilds are up. Just like the Vengence, it would have won with a few more shots. The Enterprise only won both fights in the end, because the bad guys simply stopped shooting.

Enterprise E = An overrated product of a peaceful starfleet based on old design concepts.
I also think DS9's Defiant can beat the Vengeance.

Throughout history, newer tech had better chance of winning against older tech. The Bismarck was one of the biggest, most powerful battleships ever built. It was built during the waning days of the battleship age. More advance tech, such as air combat from aircraft carriers, were starting to take over. The Bismarck was beaten by the HMS Ark Royal, a smaller aircraft carrier.

Even if new tech is similar to old tech, it can still have a huge advantage, like modern assault rifles with armor piercing rounds vs muskets with ball ammo. Quantum torpedoes and new phasers may have similar advantage to photon torpedoes and old phasers.
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