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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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Especially with a scenario/script/story where the UFP comes off as the aggressors for a change--looking at just how paranoid and anxious they are following the losses of the Dominion War, and just how it has altered their dogma.
Something that could be followed through in more depth for sure -- the Federation was technically in the wrong in "Arena" but never really stops to meditate on that fact.

I do rather like David's idea of there being a god-like race behind it, too: parallels but exaggerates the veneration of the Vulcans and gives god-races something more to do than be the encounter-of-the-week, improbably sequestered from events. (Although I also like a meta-narrative, and think I have one that works, that explains why Organians and beings like Trelane are as reclusive and restricted as they are... a conundrum.)

Not so sure about insectoid warrior races: the concept could have legs *OH LOOK I'M MAKING A TERRIBLE PUN* but I would also like accentuating the individualism of the not-Federation to an extreme that the Feds are actually uncomfortable with, and have to wrestle with.
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