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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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I would love to see a Trek "antagonist" species that isn't an avatar of dictatorship or totalitarianism
It would be interesting to see the federation's opponent be also it's twin.

Not one main species running the place but, like the federation, a large collection of species joined together. They compete with the federation for new members, resources, colony worlds, etc.

A interstellar league, not a empire in any way.

Especially with a scenario/script/story where the UFP comes off as the aggressors for a change--looking at just how paranoid and anxious they are following the losses of the Dominion War, and just how it has altered their dogma.
That would be interesting, yes! It might work best if this Interstellar League was objectionable in some totally subjective way. Like the Pak'ma'ra on Babylon 5, who were carrion-eaters. And some other race who are so revered--and strange--that the Federation interprets them as being worshiped. Plus another race, maybe insectile, who are natural warriors, extremely fierce, but held in check by a rigid code of ethics.
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