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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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Sisko changes big time over the course of the show.
What happened in "Pale Moonlight" had no impact on his character when it should've defined him for the rest of the show.

Bashir wasn't "back to normal" at all, there's a definite change in him for the rest of the series.
No there wasn't.

Nog went from a punk kid to a veteran of war(with several stops in between) over the course of the series and he wasn't even a main character.
The war itself allowed for that kind of storytelling. Voyager couldn't do a war arc so that stuff couldn't have happened. It's part of how DS9 had a more workable premise than VOY.

I'm not entirely convinced that DS9 had a more workable premise then VOY, the difference is that DS9 BUILT on the original premise whereas VOY actively fought against its own premise,
VOY's premise was never sustainable in the first place. It wasn't even a real premise. DS9 was able to use what TOS and TNG had built up before it to do it's big war arc, VOY had nothing to work with.

When compared to DS9 there is a big lack of continuity and serialization on VOY. Most episodes of VOY add nothing to the overall tapestry of the series. On DS9 most episodes add SOMETHING to the overall tapestry of the show even if it is just Nog learning how to read.
VOY's "Always on the move" premise meant very little would permanently affect the ship in the first place. They had no "Tapestry" to add to.
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