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Re: STID Federation Seal Question...

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They just wanted to change something else for no reason, and make it look "kewler". Give us "old school" fans something else to complain about... oh wait, I forgot, we're just a "vocal minority" and our opinions don't count.
The thing is, people always equate change with loss, but these types of changes are always deliberate (so no, not for "no reason."). It was true ever since the Klingon bumpy heads first appeared in TMP, extending to the Connie-Defiant's aft torpedo launcher in In A Mirror, Darkly and the E-D's red saucer impulse engines in TATV. Weapons, costumes, insignia, old standbys change. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

This slightly sharper UFP logo in no way overwrites or invalidates whatever Federation flags you might have up in your bedroom. Heck, for all we know, the Abramsverse might be using both simultaneously, the way Starfleet used TNG-style ovals behind the chevron for set decoration while everyone wore DS9/VOY-style badges in Generations.

P.S. Passive-aggressively trying to appropriate victim language hardly ever strengthens an opinion.
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