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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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Perhaps we should put stickers on the books:

"Warning: Part of the same franchise that also produced the most recent movies. May contain trace amounts of NuTrek. People severely allergic to reboots should be aware of the possibility of cross-universe contamination. Proceed at your own risk."

Seriously, NuTrek isn't plutonium. Trace amounts never killed anybody.
Yeah, I could live with a warning like that. As for "trace amounts" of crossover or "reimagined" stuff... I feel the same way when I see nuDune nonsense inserted into a story that claims to be Dune.

Write all the nuTrek books you want. Just don't try to pass them off as real Trek, and keep cross-contamination out of it. The nuTrek fans will be happy with the book and the people who loathe nuTrek can safely ignore it. After all, it doesn't help when a reader sees some mention of a nuTrek detail of a character's life in a TOS book and mutters, "WTF!!! This author doesn't know what he/she's talking about!" when it doesn't match real Trek details.
What if a book was set solidly in the Prime Universe, but had some scenes with a member or members of Keenser (called the Roylan in the Abramsverse comics) or Madeline's species? What if a novel had bald, tattooed Romulans (I think one did already)? Would those be OK?
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