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Re: How Into Darkness Should Have Ended

BillJ wrote: View Post
No where near as entertaining as the one they did for Star Trek 2009.
I totally agree. The only good bit was them gassing Khan.

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
It also recognizes how silly that Khan reveal was. "My name is... Khan!" and that was supposed to mean anything to anyone?

Khan is as common as John and Smith. And if it's not a name, then it's a title. You wouldn't say "My name is... Captain!"

And the way Cumberbatch delivered it, just cringeworthy.
Yeah, Cumberbatch was way better at the "generic" calm, menacing talk than anything that involved any sort of emotion or emoting. I dunno if it's a result of grafting Khan onto the character late in the process.
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