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Re: Getting Back Into Doctor Who

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See the RTD seasons, and then maybe start venturing into Old Who to get a taste. I say this, because those 4 and a half years are rather closely related, story-wise.
What is RTD?
Russel T. Davies, the producer/Showrunner/Head Writer who brought Doctor Who back to us. He ran the first 5 years, through Christopher Eccelston's 1 Season and David Tennant's 3 (Plus the Specials year). So, the first 4 Series and the Specials.

then, with Series/Season 5, Stephen Moffat took over and Matt Smith took over as The Current Doctor (Series/Season 7 recently ended, and then there is an Anniversary Special on November 23, and the Christmas Special. Series/Season 8 starts around Late September 2014
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