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So something pretty shocking has happened.

I decided to watch DS9 from the beginning again.

I've seen it once. I think I've mostly seen every episode but could have missed a few.

Anyway I did not have a high opinion of the show and considered it to be the anti TNG (My favorite series)

Now as an older, wiser (hopefully) guy, I think I can watch it and give it a chance again.

I'm actually watching it with my dad, who is a huge TOS fan, so we'll test this whole "DS9 is the most TOSesque series" of all the current series.

So far I saw the 1st two episodes.

I think I know why I hated this show originally. I'm sorry but these actors have no idea of what subtlety means.

So far all of them are failing in their acting roles. Sisko comes across as loud and imposing, even when we are supposed to learn that he has left his anger behind (He no longer lives in the moment of his wife's death). I hope he improves, but I don't remember him getting any better.

Kira is supposed to be this tortured and beaten soul that has endured horrible Cardassian treatment. Nana Visitor apparently doesn't know how to get this across. Her take so far is "Be angry and bitchy at everyone, and get into fights to take out that anger on someone, anyone"

Bashir? Wow, I would consider him to be my favorite character, yet I'm already pissed he keeps chasing after Jadzia. I'd get in there and smack him already "Dufus!! She doesn't want you!! fuck off already!!"

Jadzia so far has not been as annoying as I remember her. The actress (Terry Farell?) is trying to do that stoic, wise "Spock like" take but she can't. Not sure what it's coming across as yet.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes once I watch more of the series.
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