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Getting Back Into Doctor Who

Hello, Doctor Who fans!

I watched season 1 of the current series way back when it first aired on Sci-Fi in 2006. I really enjoyed it, but for whatever reason that I can't think of right now, that's where I stopped.

Now Doctor Who is everywhere. My brother and his wife started watching it last year on Netflix and they quickly grew into huge fans. Their wedding cake even had a TARDIS topper with the two of them poking their heads out of the door.

After hearing them go on and on about it for so long I decided to give it another go. My sister-in-law is really excited about me starting it. In exchange I'm trying to get her into Star Trek. She loved the last 2 movies so I was going to start her with some of the earlier movies with TOS cast.

Anywho, I've watched through episode 6 and I'm loving it all over again. I originally thought that Rose was such a great character and she still is. The episodes are just fun. I've watched so many shows recently that are just depressing and filled with assholes (Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Game of Thrones), I'm happy to watch an adventure show with such a positive character.

With the ease of watching it on Netflix I should be able to watch it all the way through this time.
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