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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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I'm just saying that if they sneak stuff into a novel that doesn't belong there (without saying they've done it), I won't be adding that novel to my collection.
That would apply to every novel containing an in-joke that's every been written. And most every fanfic, I suspect.

So if they do it and they tell you in the foreword, you won't buy it, and it they do it and they don't tell you, you also won't buy it?
I don't mind in-jokes if it references something I like. But I hate the Abramsverse stuff and don't want it in something that claims to be a TOS book.

So yeah, if I know beforehand that the book is really a crossover between real ST and nuTrek, I won't buy it. If I buy it and find out it's a crossover while reading it, I will return it for a refund. Either way, it doesn't get to stay in my collection. And based on what I've read upthread, I've got some weeding out to do.
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