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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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And Superman will never be a compelling or successful character, because he's just too powerful.
In isolation superman really wasn't, because he was so powerful. However he wasn't surrounded by others like himself, it was his weaker friends, and those in his society that was the source of the drama.

I.E. what matters is the story, not the powers and abilities of the characters. Which was my point.

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Ok, that was just the first map I found, and they all fluctuate but my original point was that 25th century tech, after Nemesis, Voyager, and NuTrek (with a Prime Spock with the know-how to make artificial blackholes) wrapped up, would have to be amazingly upgraded.

I figure every part of the Milkyway galaxy is reachable by then, with a strong feeling that Borg space will be greatly reduced, and relations between ex-warring species has the galaxy on edge. I'd limit the number of warp capable species to make it work, but a ship (which I would name Enterprise G) could be testing out a wormhole-warp engine by then, to seek out newer and stranger species beyond our galaxy.
Or we might concentrate on narratives, instead of technobabbles.
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