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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Sorry I've been MIA, folks, work has been kicking my ass.

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So basically, I am just curious as to how you arrived at your own conclusions, and a ship length of 408 metres (1338 feet)
I agree it does feel pretty good.

But, my approach was nothing so official, I'm afraid. After I laid out the decks on the refit, I copy/pasted into a new layer and adjusted the outline of the TOS ship to closely match the refit saucer's diameter in a plausible way. Then, I adjusted where the decks fell to where it to where it looked like it made sense.

I'm open to more precise figures, but I feel like the size I've picked for the refit is fairly locked down. I'm still likely to do these alternate sizes for fun... but I'm also still rather dubious as to how official I consider them. I've been re-working my old TOS cutaway on the side, and made a few clever decisions that I'll showcase sometime soon. Suffice it to say, the notion of Excelsior pioneering the integrated SIF has had a great bearing on what I"m doing with the older ships.

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Star Station Aurora's old USS Excelsior Ingram-Class Plans postulated a 590.6m Excelsior with a crew of 565 (and a top speed of warp 17!)
Yeah, but while a nice looking ship the Ingram looks almost nothing like the Excelsior save the general shape of the engineering hull. Why they called it the USS Excelsior is beyond me.
Because fans wanted Excelsior plans and Todd hated the Excelsior. So he did his own take on the ship.
I had no idea that was how that happened. Fascinating.
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