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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
And if somebody wants to visualize Chris Pine or Zachary Quinto when reading a TOS novel, who are we to object?
Are you trying to make me lose my dinner?

Honestly, guys (and ladies, for the female pro authors)... if I buy one of your TOS novels that doesn't state upfront (in some kind of author's note or back cover blurb) that it draws material from the nuTrek crap, said book is going back for a refund. If I buy a TOS book, I expect a TOS story - one that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Abramsverse garbage.

Note that this is not me telling authors what to write. I'm just saying that if they sneak stuff into a novel that doesn't belong there (without saying they've done it), I won't be adding that novel to my collection.

Good thing there's a few tons of fanfic available. It looks like that may soon be all there will be to read that's not contaminated.
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