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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

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^ Like I said before, I still think it's too darn early to really start hyping this! Wait until November!
In the home market, maybe it's too early to start hyping this.

For markets outside the UK, it's not too early at all. In fact, it's getting to be too late in some ways. American television series usually have their debut dates locked in months in advance and commercials on the airwaves six to eight weeks in advance.

I realize that BBC1 is the dog and everyone else is the tail, but BBC1 isn't wagging the tail when it needs to be wagging.
But the date IS locked in. And one could make the case that the Doctors Revisited is BBCA's way of leading to the anniversary.

Does any Doctor Who fan NOT know when the anniversary is going to happen?
What???? There's an anniversary goin' on? Why haven't I been informed of this?
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