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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I've just watched A Matter Of Perspective as part of the rewatch that some of us are doing. Were they unable to find some of the original footage? The bit where Riker gets up and circles the facsimilie of himself on the holodeck looks suspiciously SD.
This was most likely an anamorphic shot that had to be zoomed, thus losing some of its clarity.

More info on the process here:
I'm very familiar with widescreen filming processes, and although I knew long ago the anamorphic pan-and-scan technique was used this way on TNG, it's very cool seeing TrekCore's visual demo with the original 35mm frame recreated by stitching together the frame grabs. Among other things it makes it even more obvious that the Stargazer bridge is basically the TOS movie bridge when you see it with similar CinemaScope framing. Are there any cases of this process being used for TV VFX work prior to TNG? Either way, quite an ingenious solution to the problem at hand.

A question about the quality of the pan-and-scan shots: I've not been able to glean from everything I've read since TNG-R began whether the VFX in these specific shots were recomposited like the others. When I first saw the still of Riker on the cliff from "The Last Outpost" I thought it had to be upscaled SD; there was virtually no detail in Riker's face and I was frankly amazed this shot was released as a sample (everything else was stunning). Panning-and-scanning anamorphic 35mm should result in a slight loss in quality, but there's still ample resolution there to get a detailed HD image right? Is it possible (even likely) the 35mm anamorphic elements used for the VFX work were not stored with the spherical elements and were unavailable to the TNG-R team so they upscaled (and perhaps enhanced as necessary) these shots? The workprint for "The Child" shows that entire 'scope frame was included in letterboxed form for screening purposes prior to the VFX work, but has it been confirmed that the elements were actually available after being used by the VFX house?
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