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Re: Giving TREK to...

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I'd like to see a collaboration between Ira Steven Behr and Nicholas Meyer.

Edit: + Robert Hewitt Wolfe.
Works for me, although Meyer's insistence on Starfleet's military aspects were a little off-putting.
To each one's own I suppose. I liked the military aspects. Those guys are all really creative and passionate about what they do, which I love. You can tell in their interviews, at events, or when you hear the cast or crew talking about them. I love to read and hear about those behind-the-scenes stories! Now just imagine Behr and Meyer working together! It would either be incredible or a major clash. But the bottom line for me (and this is subjective, of course), Star Trek was really awesome whenever those guys had the pen or took charge.

On a somewhat related note, I think we should add a purple Van Dyke to this emoticon and call it :behr: LOL!
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